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Here's a link that shows a time line for early Columbus tubing decals. The "foil" decals were printed on Mylar rather than a metallic foil.

I've used plain old rubber cement that you can get at any office supply store. It's similar to the original adhesive used on the decals. Put a light coat on both the decal and the tube and let it dry for a few minutes before pressing the decal down. You can gently rub off any excess.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

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I rescued a 1973 Bottecchia Professional from eBay following its several decades in a time capsule. The "Columbus" tubing foil sticker on the downtube above the shift levers is curled back at one edge, likely from repeated contact with an index finger in the mid-1970's. It would look factory new if I could restick it to the tube. Is there an adhesive that will work for this? Small sticker; big deal. The alternative is to sever the dog ear. I checked the archives but struck out.

Bill Kloos, Eugene, Oregon