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List, Superbe is easy and derives from the french term meaning superior. In my youth, not knowing anything about it, we always called it Super Beee, instead of "Saaperb", sometimes i still refer to my old pronouncation.....

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I'll add some funny japan-names :

Suntour-7 ~ a 5-speed derailleur.

Handlebars, anyone?

SR Road Champion SR Road Custom SR World Custom SR World Champion SR World Custom-SL

Pick any one - they all weigh 305 grams (Ok, world custom-SL weighs 300 grams. Big whoop-de-doop!)

Sakae Royal = Nuovo Record Sakae Royal Super Light (SL) Sakae Royal Extra Super Light (ESL) = Super Record or beyond

I guess the company went out of business because they could not introduce a new top-of-the-line product :

Sakae Royal Extra Extra Super Light (EESL)

All that writing wouldn't fit on any of the components that they made, and the customers had a problem pronouncing it, "Sa-Kai EEEEEZL")

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