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Do power lifting. Squats are best. If you are devoted, get a leg sled. Its kind of fun with the leg muscle developed from classic cycling (so as to be on topic) . Ride the track and hammer on hills also. Bone responds to stress. Sorry, but the impulse to be the birdlike climber leads to hollow bones as we age.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Whitneyville, CT

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Subject: [CR] Bone Density and Cycling


Regarding this subject I have a little experience. I did a bone density test for the hell of it and yes I do have reduction in density. My doctor asked what kind of exercise I do, and he said before I answered him I bet it is Cycling.

The only exercise that increases density is IMPACT activity...a la running, walking etc. Even Swimming has the same affect as cycling.

Take your Calcium boys and girls.

Dale if this is off subject I will end it at this.



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