[CR] Red Bianchi frames/bicycles?

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Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 20:51:29 -0400
From: Jack Countryman <jcountry@mac.com>
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Thread-topic: Red Bianchi frames/bicycles?
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Subject: [CR] Red Bianchi frames/bicycles?

I recently came across a red (not blue-green) Bianchi road bike. Maybe its my ignorance, but I'd not seen a Bianchi in any color other than the blue-green that seemed to be their 'trademark' color? It has a lugged frame of Columbus tubing, Campy nuovo record deraillers and crank, but 'del mondo/made in usa' or some such brand hubs/brakes (that look as though they were campy copies or close to that). It does have the inscribed B on the fork crown, etc., so I'm guessing it really is Bianchi. Anyone have any information on these? Thanks.