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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:41:14 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR] restoration

This topic of 'Restoration'.....whether to do so or not, could go on for a long time! I think what Jack has said below is very true, and probably speaks for a good many of us 'collectors'

I have several 'NOS' items, some dating from the mid 50s, which makes them as old as I am! the moment I haven't used them as I'm in the process of making the frame for the 'period stuff' to I know there will be many people who will say my '1950s' bike is a fake and not authentic......this might be true, though I don't see it as such, I'm a framebuilder, and I simply want to recreate a bike in the style of 50s frame [or any other period] I certainly wouldn't try and fool or decieve anyone into thinking it was an original 50s frame if I were to sell such a frame.....

When it comes to assembling the bike with the period correct parts, a mix of NOS and used, I imagine fitting the NOS parts, such as my open C right hand gear lever with pump cup, and single cable tunnel, will feel strange.......its almost a shame to spread the clamps and attach them to a frame after all these years......but then they where made to be used!

I guess this topic will continue...........

Kevin Sayles
Bridgwater Somerset UK

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> After looking at Golden Age book, I see most, if not all, of the bikes
> presented are not "restored" in the usual sense. Cranks aren't
> rechromed,
> paint and Al bits appear unpolished. I guess if we collectors had our
> choice,
> most of us would like to find that gem of a bike that had been
> hermetically-sealed for fifty years. I suppose others would prefer a
> beat-up Bianchi
> ridden by Coppi to TdF victory with blood stains intact. Both are
> wonderful...its just a matter of luck and how much one is willing to spend
> whether we
> will individually ever acquire such treasures.
> This does pose a problem, for me at least. If a relatively rare,
> desireable bike in good condition falls into my hands, should I resist
> cleaning?...polishing?..."restoring"? If a common bike, do whatever you
> want with it. If
> choice bike, probably whatever you do to it will lower its value to
> somebody. In the end, its greatest value hasn't changed since it received
> the
> breath of life, ride it like there's no tomorrow because one day there
> won't be.
> Jack Romans
> Sacramento, CAlifornia