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Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:28:55 -0700
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I'm in for $25.00Bill Gibson, Tempe, AZ, USA (Even though I gotta pay the plumber and the vet...and have a few more weeks till my teaching contract rolls in...shhh!!)

On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 7:21 PM, Jim Ready <> wrote:
> $50.00 from Jim into the fund.
> Jim Ready
> Cupertino, California USA
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> Well list, $600 is quite generous, but still perhaps not enough to
> recognize the great service Morgan has done for the hobby. I've just sent my
> 2 mites in. If 36 people chip in $50, we can have wool jersey back, this
> time with good emergency backup. Or 100 people chipping in $18. 200 people
> chipping in $9. Whattya say, group, can we do it? I know I've had much more
> than $50 worth of pleasure surfing about on Wool Jersey. Last call, folks.
> Tom Adams
> Manhattan, KS
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> Date: Monday, July 20, 2009, 2:42 PM
> I have good news, and I have not-so-good news.
> First some background; there's this site I've run for a while called
> It started around 2004. I had a server
> I
> was using for some other stuff, and I already had the Gallery software
> [1] installed for another web site, so I stuck my collection of
> bicycle-related photos up there.[2] I was obsessing about Masis and
> Pogliaghis at the time, and I'd collected lots of pictures, mostly from
> other people. I also like to take photos while riding and of bikes and so I
> had a collection of my own photos as well. I offered accounts to other
> people and some folks like Aldo Ross found it useful. [3] For fun, and to
> get the bike photos off the other site, I got the domain name "
>" set up Gallery there and transitioned the bike photos to
> the
> new site. [4] Amazingly, it was a useful resource, and people in this
> community really liked using it. Because so many of you are of like minds
> about which bikes and bike photos you like, wooljersey became something of
> a
> resource for classic lightweight bikes. It got big, and the maintenance and
> administration was a pain, and the software struggled to keep up with the
> visitors, user registrations and almost 50gb of pictures. I lost the paying
> customers that paid the monthly hosting bill, so I was paying commercial
> hosting rates ($125/month) for wooljersey and my personal stuff. I never
> made backups. The hard drive crashed about three weeks ago. I lost
> wooljersey along with some personal stuff (family photos, personal email,
> my
> blog, some genealogy stuff) and another set of files related to another
> hobby-community I'm part of. I did some research, figured out who was the
> best company to do the data recovery and sent the disk to Drivesavers. [5]
> I
> knew it might be expensive, depending on what they found and how they
> proceeded. I talked with my wife about it and we agreed to go forward.
> Drivesavers worked on it for a long time. I got a status call about a week
> ago, telling me they had determined that the heads had actually hit the
> platters in the drive, that there was physical damage, that they'd have to
> disassemble the drive and work on it in a "clean room" and that the work of
> recovering the data would be slow. They said they'd need more time, maybe a
> week. I got an email to call them about my drive this past Friday, and I
> called them this morning.
> The good news: They were able to recover 95% of the files, and the
> remaining
> 5% they could recover, but they lost the directory information for them.
> Meaning that if I can figure out where they go, I can get them back in a
> usable state. This is good news! I'm amazed. The machine was running linux,
> and it used a filesystem called ext3, [6] which uses some extra disk space
> to keep a "journal", so that the journal can help recover data if there's
> any filesystem corruption. I think that is part of what made this recovery
> possible.
> More good news: Thanks to donations via paypal, I've received $600 from you
> all to help with the recovery. Thank you! That is amazing.
> The not-so-good news: The recovery bill is $2471.29, which includes $129
> for
> a new, external drive on which the data will be delivered. I have about
> $100
> sitting in my "bike" bank account and $600 in paypal. I'm looking at $1800
> from our family finances. This is a tough sell. I'm married, middle class,
> two kids, mortgage; you can relate I bet. My wife and I are going to talk
> about it tonight. If we decide to proceed I'll probably have wooljersey
> back
> up again soon. I have gotten some offers to help with hosting it, or to
> take
> over hosting of it, and I will definitely choose one of those paths. I'm
> done paying $125/month for hosting it at It would return to
> the
> community, and one or more of you would run it, and I'd help as needed. If
> we don't decide to proceed I'll return the donations and we'll all say RIP
> for wooljersey.
> There is very little that was on wooljersey that was ultimately couldn't be
> recreated. Most of the photos were of bicycles owned by people here. They
> could be re-uploaded to a new wooljersey, or flickr, or some other photo
> site. I suppose some were unique. What was unique about wooljersey was the
> collection itself, and its organization and cohesion. It took years for all
> of you to not only photograph and upload 50GB of photos, but to categorize,
> describe and comment the photos. Some of the photos were ephemeral. Some
> bikes have changed hands. Some contributors are no longer alive. And then
> there is the great gift that Aldo Ross provided; the amazing catalog of
> images he uploaded. I'm sure you're all familiar with his photos, and "pic
> of the day". Aldo, of all of wooljersey's photos your albums are what
> I miss most.
> So, I'll let you know how it goes. I've gotten a lot of email off-list
> about
> this, lots of advice, suggestions, etc. I had no plan for wooljersey, it
> just happened. I never thought it would get so big. I honestly tried to
> migrate some of my photos to flickr, where I have an account, but the tool
> [7] for transporting photos between the gallery software on wooljersey and
> flickr could not handle the giant database queries required for wooljersey
> and it failed. Assuming we go forward, the new maintainer of wooljersey
> will
> have to decide how best to proceed. The gallery software project is still
> full-steam-ahead at
> This is embarrassing and paying piles of money for the recovery is foolish.
> I'm mainly doing this for selfish reasons; because of the family photos and
> my blog.
> Morgan Fletcher
> Oakland, CA USA
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> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
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