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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:40:29 -0700
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OMG! You are all amazing. Wooljersey isn't mine any more, it's yours. Thanks, we can afford it now, and Lauren gave me her approval to go ahead. As soon as the money transfers from paypal to my bank account I'll pay DriveSavers. Will keep you all apprised on the rebuilding of Wooljersey. There's a couple technical hurdles left, they're all surmountable, but with a camping trip this weekend it might take me a week or two to get the site back up.

I think I'll put a self-publishing framework like drupal ( on the main page ( and let you all put whatever you want there. This would mean D.I.Y., collaborative web pages where you could publish anything you want. Ever wanted to write something about bikes, or write more about the pictures you published on wooljersey's gallery, or just want to share your knowledge with the world? This would be the place to do it. The nice thing about a content-manangement system like drupal is that you can create content without needing to know html, or deal with getting a host of your own, or transferring files, etc. It's kind of like a web word-processor for content. Let's see how it goes.

Morgan "Lucky to be here." Fletcher Oakland, CA USA