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Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 11:53:41 -0700
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Linux - CentOS 5.2 Any Intel / AMD Processor 2 Ghz or Faster 1 Gig RAM Spare Motherboard 4 x SATA 5.25" Racks Temporary CD-ROM Drive or USB CD-ROM Drive

2 x 320 Gig Hot Swap SATA Hard Drives in RAID 1 1 x 320 Gig Hot Swap SATA Hard Drive in RAID 1 as Online Spare

1 x 320 Gig Hot Swap SATA Hard Drive as File Backup Powered off and slid out a 1/4" or so or removed when not in use.)

Use RSNAPSHOT to create a read-only copy of the file system within each partition of the running RAID 1 set. This makes recovery of accidential file deletions almost instaneous...a simple copy operation...nothing downtime.

Use RSYNC to do an initial copy, and later copy of changes to the File Backup drive including SNAPSHOTS from the running drive.

There's no need for proprietary software...

All of the above can be done for way under 2000.00.


Robert Shackelford San Jose, CA USA

Quoting donald gillies <>:
> Vintage bicycle photos storage and preservation are imho, a very-much
> on-topic subject for this forum. Over the past 3 months I've been
> reading reviews and investigating strategies to back up 4 IBM
> thinkpads with several gigabytes of personal data (mostly photos)
> each.
> Here is what I'm doing :
> AFTER $20 REBATE. This is one of the top-3 software backup packages,
> at an EXTREMELY compelling price (almost all packages retail for
> $40-$50 normally.) HURRY !!
> The Sale/Rebate ends today! Print the PDF rebate file when you buy!
> 2. Western Digital 320 Gb Drive (either SATA or PATA for older
> machines like mine), about $90, SATA is even cheaper. I got mine
> on amazon but there are many sources for 250Gb-320Gb hard drives.
> 3. Laptop Caddy (Ebay) or USB enclosure for the hard drive, about $25.
> Here's an example of the seller I used with decent prices :
> _nkw=caddy&submit=Search
> When you think about it, the $90 disk drive with 320Mb is
> extraordinarily cheap, about $1 per DVD (3.5 GB) worth of data. And,
> the disk is much faster and MUCH MUCH easier to use and more reliable
> than a DVD burner. The best backup system is one that's so easy to
> use, you end up using it every day.
> If you buy a drive caddy or USB enclosure, for PATA (parallel,
> pre-2006) or SATA (serial, newer, post-2007) disk drives, Acronis True
> Image can build a bootable mirror of your disk drive on the backup
> drive. If your main drive fails, just swap the drives. Alternately,
> you can just the use the drive as a cartridge and copy files or
> folders onto the disk drive every week, or automatically, according to
> a schedule established with Acronis True Image.
> Then if the main drive fails, you reinstall your OS and major software
> and then copy over your files. (you DO have DVDs and keys for your OS
> and programs like MS-Office, don't you ??)
> I hope this helps to prevent future storage loss in the CR community.
> - Don Gillies
> San Diego, CA, USA