Re: [CR] Mystery bike, yes I searched the archive AND the interweb Now with pics

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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 22:13:50 -0400
From: Rodd Heino <>
To: classicrenezvous <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Mystery bike, yes I searched the archive AND the interweb Now with pics

Hello all So I took some pics Few things forgot to mention Cinelli Unicantor saddle, NOT Weinmann levers, SHimano 600 like the brakes And the stem has a 7mm bolt? Weirder So have a look and let me know what you think it might be

I'm figuring private label via Ron Kitching made in France for some shop.


Rodd in Ottawa Canada

2009/7/28 Rodd Heino <>
> Hello all
> Was over fixing up a friends bicycle, singlespeeding it as he likes things
> simple, and he gave me a bike that someone at work gave him.
> He kept it even though it had tubular tires and was too big, in case I
> wanted it.
> nice friend!
> It is a bit of a weird beastie.
> The frame is simply labelled San Remo, in block letters on the TT and DT.
> Milremo bar and stem and dropouts (Yes I did all the research on Ron
> Kitching)
> RGF bottom bracket (another Ron Kitching link)
> Campag Record high flange rear hub with straight skewer, laced to a
> Fiamme tubular rim
> Front wheel is a Sunshine High flange laced to Mavic Monterly (sp?) Route,
> a heavy OEM type tubular rim if my research is correct
> Suntour Cyclone first gen rear derailleur,
> Stronglight 93 crankset (the one with the 122 BCD)
> with two rings, 52 and 48, weinmann brake levers pulling Shimano 600
> anodized (it says it) brakes, Suntour barcon shifter.
> Nice long point lugs (I bet they're Prugnat like Ron imported) nicely
> thinned to my uneducated eye.
> Condition is bad, massive scrapes out of the paint etc, but sound with no
> dents and straight. No tubing decal.
> Now the setup, which I think is kinda cool.
> Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this was optimised for TT use
> Why? Well, only one shifter, a barcon, routed over the bars like the brake
> cables.
> No front derailleur, chain was on the big ring, a 52, and the rear cluster
> is a 5 spd 888 perfect with a 13-19 straightish block.
> So, that's my guess is that the fella either rode only on the flats, or
> used this bike for tt's.
> I will endeavour to take some pics tonight, if anyone is interested.
> My guess is that it has some French Ron Kitching connection, but that's the
> extent of it.
> I guess that the RGF and Stronglight cranks, and Milremo stem are all going
> to be French dimensions.
> Any ideas?
> Warm regards
> Rodd Heino
> Ottawa Canada
> Not the one in Illinois with all the radium.