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It looks like a completely pieced together bike. Fairly decent components for the time period. A lot of non Campy bikes from those days where assembled that way by bike shops or owners.

The extra long point lugs look like some made by Hayden in the UK during the mid 70s. I've never seen them on any production bike. They've been thinned out a lot so the frame very well could have been made by a small "constructeur".

The adjustable cup on the bottom bracket should be nearly flush with the lock ring. It appears to have the wrong width BB axle since it is sticking out 3-4mm.

I suspect that what you have is a true "Batard".... 8-)

It will probably be a nice riding bike but like you say, it followed you home. I've never seen a "mixed breed" category in anything but a dog show. ;-)

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

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Hello all So I took some pics Few things forgot to mention Cinelli Unicantor saddle, NOT Weinmann levers, SHimano 600 like the brakes And the stem has a 7mm bolt? Weirder So have a look and let me know what you think it might be

I'm figuring private label via Ron Kitching made in France for some shop.


Rodd in Ottawa Canada

2009/7/28 Rodd Heino
> Hello all
> Was over fixing up a friends bicycle, singlespeeding it as he likes things
> simple, and he gave me a bike that someone at work gave him.
> He kept it even though it had tubular tires and was too big, in case I
> wanted it.
> nice friend!
> It is a bit of a weird beastie.
> The frame is simply labelled San Remo, in block letters on the TT and DT.
> Milremo bar and stem and dropouts (Yes I did all the research on Ron
> Kitching)
> RGF bottom bracket (another Ron Kitching link)
> Campag Record high flange rear hub with straight skewer, laced to a
> Fiamme tubular rim
> Front wheel is a Sunshine High flange laced to Mavic Monterly (sp?) Route,
> a heavy OEM type tubular rim if my research is correct
> Suntour Cyclone first gen rear derailleur,
> Stronglight 93 crankset (the one with the 122 BCD)
> with two rings, 52 and 48, weinmann brake levers pulling Shimano 600
> anodized (it says it) brakes, Suntour barcon shifter.
> Nice long point lugs (I bet they're Prugnat like Ron imported) nicely
> thinned to my uneducated eye.
> Condition is bad, massive scrapes out of the paint etc, but sound with no
> dents and straight. No tubing decal.
> Now the setup, which I think is kinda cool.
> Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this was optimised for TT use
> Why? Well, only one shifter, a barcon, routed over the bars like the brake
> cables.
> No front derailleur, chain was on the big ring, a 52, and the rear cluster
> is a 5 spd 888 perfect with a 13-19 straightish block.
> So, that's my guess is that the fella either rode only on the flats, or
> used this bike for tt's.
> I will endeavour to take some pics tonight, if anyone is interested.
> My guess is that it has some French Ron Kitching connection, but that's the
> extent of it.
> I guess that the RGF and Stronglight cranks, and Milremo stem are all going
> to be French dimensions.
> Any ideas?
> Warm regards
> Rodd Heino
> Ottawa Canada
> Not the one in Illinois with all the radium.