Re: [CR] colnago on ebay--an apology

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Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2009 13:38:45 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR] colnago on ebay--an apology

Hey, Charles. I don't know you, and I will admit that you hacked me off, but I am glad you have strong opinions about things we all care about, and your apology is a tough thing to do. I should not have written "bug collectors", either, but I like that term and have been waiting about ten years to use it. I am probably what most people would consider to be a bug collector type myself, actually. I had foot surgey the day before I sent that e-mail and was high on Percocet anyway. That will be my excuse!

Cheers! Tom Joswick Columbus, OH


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Recently I posted about a Colnago frame on ebay, being sold by a list member. My post was too aggressive, and my language intemperate, and I apologize to anyone offended by it. I was wrong to send it, and I am sorry about it.

I've been kind-of torqued up lately about a few things, and that seeped over into my post. It's no excuse, but for those who know me, it may give some reason for a post I would not usually have sent.

Charles Andrews
Los Angeles