[CR] Wide handlebars--again

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I concur.  I switched last year from Cinelli Giro d'Italia 42s to 3ttt SL 43s in Merckx bends.  They say 43 but are actually 44 measured outside to outside.  Most comfortable bars I've ever ridden.  And very light at 240 grams on the postal scale.  49 dollars is a great deal. 

Wide shouldered in Windsor, ON (Canada) . . .

Robert Aguirre ------------------

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Someone (not me) is selling this now:


I've used these 3TTT-43 bars for years and compared them in lots of riding conditions with various Cinelli-measured 40 and 42cm bars. No matter what the catalogs and spec sheets say, the 3TTT bars feel wider in use than the Cinelli 42s.