[CR] Dromarti Retro Cycling Shoes

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From: <kfhume@hotmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 08:21:17 +0100
Subject: [CR] Dromarti Retro Cycling Shoes


My 1960's racing bike is fitted with Campagnolo Record pedals and these dig into the underside of my foot when cycling wearing normal shoes. I measured these pedals and find that they are only 3" wide and so I then measured my foot and was dismayed to find that these are 4.25" wide. No wonder my feet do not sit comfortably on the Campags. I used to ride on Chaterlee pedals when I was a teenager back in the 60's which I think are similar in width to Campag pedals and experienced no problems hence I am left wondering if feet spread as one gets older ?

My day bike is a 1980's Peugeot bike that is fitted with cheap and chearfull Loytard pedals and since these are a healthy 4" wide I have not experienced any problems fitting normal shoes onto and pushing on same.

Can anyone suggest a good make of wide fitting pedals suitable for and contemporary with a 1960's road bike ?

Alternatively I have wondered if purchasing a pair of retro Italian cycling shoes as sold by Dromarti might provide the answer ? These lace up leather shoes are made with a small platform on the sole which will raise the foot slightly and maybe this will help avoid the end turn up piece on the campag pedals from digging in to the edge of my foot.

Does anyone have experience of these Dromarti cycling shoes or is their another alternative that I should consider ?

Dromarti shoes can be checked out at :- http://road.cc/content/review/3108-dromarti-race-shoe


where a small video of same and Mavic platform pedals can also be downloaded. These shoes are not cheap and there would appaear to be a 2 month waiting list to buy a pair.

What to do ?


Ken Hume
London, England