Re: [CR] Help Identifying this road bike

(Example: Production Builders:Peugeot:PX-10LE)

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Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 11:13:38 -0400
From: "Ken Freeman" <>
To: peter stock <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Help Identifying this road bike

There are several signs of this being a really nice bike. First, it just looks good. It has lean, spare lines.

Second, it seems to be a Tomassini, not an unknown name, although the headbadge is not visible.

Third, the dropouts and the through-tube cable routing. The dropouts are forged and the top routing is a lot of extra work for the framebuilder.

I'm sure others here can give you more.

Ken Freeman Ann Arbor, MI USA

(also on BF)