Re: [CR] $$$ for flatted tire

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Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 19:22:59 -0400
From: "Michael Schmidt" <>
To: Peter Koskinen <>, Jan Heine <>
Thread-topic: [CR] $$$ for flatted tire
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Just send the tire to Tire Alert in Florida. For 20 bucks, he'll fix it. Website is here-

Mike Schmidt Millington, NJ USA

On 8/11/09 8:51 AM, "Peter Koskinen" <> wrote:
> Jan,
> I didn't look at the bike carefully enough obviously when you returned
> it. I suspect that your damage to the frame occurred when you leaned
> the bike up against something and it rolled forward.
> The bottom line here is that you owe me for a Veloflex Carbon tire
> which you flatted under your care regardless of its age, condition
> when you accepted the loan. This isn't the magazine business where you
> may accept 'gifts' from manufacturers to test and do with what you
> may. This was my personal bike.
> Had i known that this is the way that you act when the world doesn't
> go your way, I would have never loaned you a bike or anything else
> without a 15 page fine print contract so that you can weasel out later
> because you don't want to pay for the damage that you did. Since you
> sent it along to Wayne Bingham (who never belonged in the middle of
> the dispute anyway, an attempt by yourself to shame me into accepting
> your paltry offering), I'm upping the ante. Let the world decide who
> is correct here.
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> On Aug 10, 2009, at 5:30 PM, Jan Heine wrote:
>> Peter,
>> I had hoped we could settle on a reasonable value for that tire,
>> which was old and cracked and probably leaking before I started the
>> ride. (The rear tire had lost almost no air overnight, the front was
>> completely flat, when I pumped up the tires in the morning. I had to
>> pump it up 5 miles from the start, and then several times before I
>> finally put on the replacement tire.)
>> When one borrows and loans a bike or car, it is a matter of trust on
>> both sides. If I lend you my car with a slipping clutch, and you
>> burn it out on the first hill, it isn't quite fair to ask you to pay
>> for the clutch, which was shot before you left. Similarly, I don't
>> think it is fair to ask me to pay for a new tubular when the tire
>> mounted on your bike was old and cracked and leaking from the start.
>> In a disagreement like this, it is common to have the parts
>> inspected by a third party. I would suggest Wayne Bingham, the
>> Cirque organizer, who could estimate the value of that old tubular.
>> Unfortunately, you threw that old tire in the garbage BEFORE you
>> even told me you wanted money for it. However, even you have
>> acknowledged that the tread was cracked... It was an old tire that
>> had no life left.
>> As a gesture of goodwill, I am sending you $ 30 for the old, cracked
>> tubular, which was leaking before I started the ride. I hope that
>> this will conclude this matter to everybody's satisfaction.
>> Best regards,
>> Jan
>> At 4:31 PM -0400 8/10/09, Peter Koskinen wrote:
>>> Jan,
>>> Its been several months now and i have yet to see the payment for
>>> the tire you flatted. I am sure that you have a very good excuse
>>> (in your mind) as to why you haven't paid for the tire you flatted.
>>> The bottom line here is that when you borrow a bike, a car, or
>>> anything else from some one and you do some form of damage to it,
>>> it is YOUR responsibility to take care of the damage. In this case
>>> it was a punctured high quality racing tubular.
>>> Your dealings with Earle have no bearing on your debt to me.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Peter
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