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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 10:55:12 +0000
From: Hugh Thornton <>
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At a guess, I would put that Mercier at about 1977. It looks very similar to any other Mercier of the period - nothing to distinguish it as a TdF bike, but then the bikes they rode were quite stock. One thing I notice about all the Service des Courses frames of the mid to late 70s that I have seen is that they have been exceptionally well finished, clearly with some time having been expended in filing the lugs. A cut above Peugeots and Gitanes of the same era. Another thing is that there seem to be many shades of pink. The earlier solid painted frames are often very faded, so it is hard to know what color they started out, and the later metallic finishes seem to be in quite a number of shades from pale to dark. I have a 1977 frame repainted incorrectly with no decals that I am anxious to get refinished. Does anybody on the list know where I can get decals or have the patience to take some photographs and measurements from which I can get reproductions made?  The style needs to be as on the bike photos posted by Brad. 

Hugh Thornton
Cheshire, England

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Mercier Fans:

  Circa 2002 there was a pink Mercier offered on Ebay and I recently re-located the photos that I had kept.  I have added them to a previously posted album showing another pink Mercier.

  Here is a link to the album:

  As I recall, the auction text said "this bike was almost certainly ridden in the Tour de France".  Well, it certainly looks the business.

  Not sure about the year; the frame is modern enough to have 753 tubes and early enough that someone bothered to drill the dropouts.  I can't be sure from the hazy images but it appears to have brazed-in brake bolts, and "just two" top-tube brake-cable guides.

  The parts are a mixed bag, but I love the dimpling on the brake calipers.  I would have shoveled great brimming pots of cash on this one, if it had been big enough for a full-growed country lad!

Brad Stockwell
Palo Alto CA USA