Re: [CR] Converter for Osgear.

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From: Mark Stevens <>
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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 15:21:47 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR] Converter for Osgear.

Hi all, I have a 1951 Gillott which has brazeons for both Osgear and Simplex derailleurs. I am pretty sure that this is original but as the bike has been restored it is hard to tell for certain. There is a Simplex gear lever boss on the downtube with 3 cable stops in the usual places. The rear stop on the chainstay has facility for a cable adjuster. There is no dedicated hanger on the dropout. Under the bracket shell is a brazed on bracket to take an Osgear short arm. 5'' from the centre of the rear dropout under the chainstay, is a brazed on tab with a hole in it to mount a special Osgear change fork. The previous owner had fitted an Osgear which came with the bike. He had used a clamp on Osgear change quadrant mounted in front of the Simplex boss. It looked untidy so I plan to make it possible to fit an Osgear quadrant to fit the Simplex boss.

Has anyone heard of this being done before? - or of their being any kit or special quadrant available to fit a Simplex brazeon?

I have c 1950 Philbrook frame which has a cut down steel Osgear quadrant brazed to the frame. Osgear quadrants tend to wear with use so I questioned the wisdom of this. Mark Stevens Evanton Scotland