[CR] Items FS: TA, Zeus, Simplex, C-Record, Shimano

From: Derek Vandeberg <derek@frameref.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 09:57:44 -0700
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Subject: [CR] Items FS: TA, Zeus, Simplex, C-Record, Shimano

Good morning, all -

Cleaning out more stuff - all prices include CONUS shipping, please contact me for international shipping rates. None of these items are clean just yet, been hanging about the garage getting grimy, so no photos at this point. I'll be happy to send photos to you upon request, available Sunday? The plan at this point is to clean things up and be ready to ship Monday. Paypal friendly. Apologies for the mid-80s C-Record and Shimano - it was preapproved by Dale!

TA Pro 5 Vis Piste crankset - 165mm arms with BSC threads, 48T Piste 1/8" chainring (3 stamped on back). Likely mid-70s era, mine from new, was mounted on a fixed gear that has maybe 300 miles on it. Perfect tapers and threads, near perfect finish - no toe strap rub, no chain drops, a few minor scratches - essentially shop wear. Minor bubble in left arm decal, could be easily stuck down. Chainring is bright, virtually unmarked. Excellent to mint dustcaps included. These are vastly better than the 170s I sold a few weeks back, great for a rider, probably good for a show bike. $210.00

TA English BB for above - once again, mine from new, same bike -- chromed cups, no wrench marks on fixed cup, adjustable cup has serrated 8-notch lockring and 24mm wrench flats rather than later pinholes, no pitting. 111.5mm spindle marked "314", tapers and threads perfect, ground races, 15mm crank bolts and washers, no markings. $60.00

Simplex SLJ front derailleur, late '70s to early '80s production, 28.6mm clamp, silver badge, no cable stop, matte finish cage with sunburst logo and CPSC "flange". Curious (to me) mid-range inner cage - clearly not the very deep triple model, but not a racing changer, either - maybe a model specifically for half-step plus gearing? Inner cage is polished from shifting, but not significantly worn. $45.00

Zeus 2000 freewheel, BSC, steel, chromed cogs, 6spd - 13-14-15-17-19-21. Minimal use - a couple of flakes in the chrome on the 13T, minor dulling on the other cogs, but little apparent beyond that. Remover splines and notches are perfect, no rust, this can't have more than a few hundred miles on it, if that. $85.00

1st generation Campagolo C-Record shift levers - braze on, spring-assisted retrofriction rear, engraved logos, some minor corrosion on chromed parts, will probably scrub off. $30.00

1st generation Campagnolo C-Record Delta brakeset - not the so-called "prototypes" with the ungainly quick release at the top of the caliper, but the first "production" version - laser etched logos, 3-pivot, knurled adjusters, white boots and wheel guides. Internals are near perfect, no corrosion, decent pads, slightly faded logos, a few minor marks on the caliper covers. Levers are the earliest version - std. or aero routing, quick release button, no internal reach adjust - white hoods are soiled, but reasonably supple, missing the little plugs to fill the hole if you ran aero cables. Blades are not as good as the calipers - they don't have crash damage, but are covered with lots of hazy black marks - it's not road rash, but it's certainly more than shop wear. Would probably polish out? These are riders, not show pieces, but quite good overall. $230.00

Shimano cantilevers - front and rear - BR-M730, so 2nd gen Deore XT - '87-ish? Cold forged arms with minimal marks, all correct mounting bolts, no rust, Scott/Mathauser red pads, maybe 90%? No straddle cables or carriers - calipers and hardware only. These would polish up really nicely. $75.00

Thanks for your interest, and again, happy to supply photos in a couple of days.

Derek Vandeberg

Bigfork, Montana