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Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 20:50:56 -0800
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My (albeit limited) experience with triples as a bicycle mechanic in the mid 1970s was that the better front derailleurs available at the time could handle them well enough, but not necessarily under fast-shifts where they'd often drop the chain off the chainrings.  Maybe acceptable for a tourist, but not something a competitive cyclist wants to contend with in a race. If you live in flat country (as I do), the need for a wide range of gears sort of goes out the window.  My pre-1983 Ciocc has a 47-inch low gear - plenty low for this neck of the woods even for a 55 year-old fart like me. Footnote - more gears aren't necessarily better if the resulting combinations are duplicates or hard-to-get-to-extremes. Steve Whitting

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What's up with so many English bikes not fitting front derailleurs? Seems like an odd choice to say the least, needlessly limiting the practical utility of the bike. I guess they wanted to make them look like TT racers.

Of course I never understood double chainrings when three would serve 99% of riders better for the same reasoning.

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> A "Red Feather" Dawes on UK eBay.
> or
> Nice seat tube graphics!  You can see those interesting pump pegs mentioned,
> which doubled as brake cable stops.
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