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Thank you for all the information. For the right writer, I think there is a book waiting to be written. Jack has been keeping me up to speed on his wife's bike. He has kind of adopted me as a neophyte McLean owner, leading me through the ins and outs - teaching me the secret handshakes and all. On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 8:44 AM, <> wrote:
> Thanks for outing that bike, Neil. It is absolutely beautiful!
> Re: the Performance brochure ... That was an interesting turn of events,
> for McLean Fonvielle to decide to offer his frames through the mail order
> process.
> Although I had functioned for a while earlier as his representative to bike
> shops in the eastern seaboard, I was out-of-the-loop in that decision, but
> would be interested to time travel and see what lead up to that
> circumstance.
> As background, McLean custom frames had been distributed to bicycle shops
> around the USA by a company named Cycle Imports in Cornish, Maine. Bob and
> Judy Richmond operated that business and when McLean bikes appeared at the
> NY International Bike show (maybe twice) it was in the Cycle Imports booth.
> They also imported Charles Roberts, Stan Pike (albeit briefly) and a wide
> range of components including TA, Campagnolo, etc.
> (Jack Gabus recently acquired Judy Richmond's personal McLean frame which
> had become over the years somewhat rough, and rehabbed beautifully as a gift
> for his wife...)
> In any case, there must have been a break down in the relationship with
> Cycle Imports, as having the bikes in Performance would not have enhanced
> that distribution channel... It was erhaps no coincidence that there was a
> great friend, Chuck Lewis, a mentor who had earlier run The Clean Machine,
> a local bike shop, working for Performance, so maybe McLean thought this
> new (at that time) mail order concern would do a proper job of representing
> the marque? It would be fun to ask Chuck about that.
> Obviously, had I the opportunity, I would have advised him otherwise,
> because even then, mail order was the despised nemesis of all local bike
> shops, and this move would have alienated most of his shops, probably even
> cause many to no longer offer McLean frames.
> So, in short, it was quite a shake up in approach to see McLean frames in
> that catalog. It is more than ironic that none were ever sold through that
> means....
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