Re: [CR] Dawes ... from a Dutch viewpoint

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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 12:39:24 -0800
From: barrie carter <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Dawes ... from a Dutch viewpoint

Hi dont want to call you Freek in case its not your christian name. Case in point with Dawes, though I expect that was the usual build. But let me tell you a story. We thought we were the best car manufacturer in the world, and the 1100 was revolutionary. They also were, er, not very nice . They rotted from day one , leaked in the boot and rode like aCamel. But enter the Lancia in 1978/80. The Beta was found to have some rust in some models. An excellent car, but it had a problem. Seeing the way to make some Mileage [!] out of this, and loose an Importer and therfore competitor, our motor industry brought this small , repairable . problem to the press and destroyed the Lancia dealership in the UK for 35 years. Nothing was said about the dreadfull 1100 that rusted before your eyes and was so bad, no one made the remains into a Kit Car, similarly, nothing was said about the Dawes et al here or in Europe. After all, we had an Export or Die policy. As an American said to me when I imported an MG back from there some 20 years ago . " Now you re getting the crap back [sic] that you sold us in the 50s. Nuff said. Lovely bike the Mercian, enev the cheaper ones, why didnt you go Italian, or Even Dutch or Belgian. Here we go again.... Im going to bed. Sleepy Barrie Carter. Roundham UK