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peugeot had a history of place names after the px -io era..mine is badged "dolomites"on the top tube but i have seen it(a very similar model)called a"galibier"in the scans on cyclo-retro peugeot page..there's a link from cr to these catalogs if i've got it right. i wonder if they gave the models different names depending on where they were marketed? kevin ruberg ..howell nj....usa

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Hi. Probably not limited to Italians. A lot of bikes probably named for race locales where they had a victory; e.g.: Basso Gap. Mario Basso won the World Championship road race there in '72 i believe. And Bianchi, among others, has a Vigorelli model. that being the locale of a velodrome, i think. Falcon San Remo. A lot of OT Lemonds, undoubtedly many, many more. Billy Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA.

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A friend and I were talking about Gios Torino and I wondered "Does Torino refer to a place, the location of the Gios factory, or was it a bike model?" He said Bike Model.

Then I thought of WIlier + Triestina and Pinarello + Treviso and I figure this just has to be the Italian style, adding the home base place name to the frame in small along side the brand.

never mind. having looked at Pinarello's location as well as Wilier, this seems to check out. but are there any other examples? where did this practice come from? It seems kind of unique to Italin manufacturers.