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Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 21:57:03 -0800
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> Craig Montgomery wrote:
> >> A few years ago a friend closed down his shop and gave me a
> >> few hubgears. One is a Hercules "B Type 5". Now mind you, the spoke
> >> holes show that it had been built up, but as I was playing around
> >> with the thing and took out the guts it appeared to be pristine:
> >> perfectly clean, dry, and with no wear patterns anywhere (didn't
> >> have my glasses on though). Decided I'd build it up as a "touring"
> >> wheel on a Sun CR 18 590 rim. The problem is that it is a screw-on
> >> cog. Does anyone know the trick for getting that cog off? Does it
> >> have to built up first? Or should I just stay away from the bugger
> >> and build up the '54 AW instead? If you know of any history of the
> >> animal I'd be interested also.

> Mark Stonich wrote:
> To remove a cog from a threaded driver; 1. Remove the right cone and
> lift out the driver with the cog attached. 2. Place a piece of 5/16" or
> 1/4" bar stock or plate in a vice 3. Slip the driver splines onto the
> bar. 4. Remove the cog with
> a chain whip. 5. After re-installing the driver, cone, RH cone locking
> washer and locknut, always adjust bearing play with the left cone.

---- Harvey Sachs wrote:

> In all innocence, when I was faced with this issue with my S/A ASC some
> years ago, I just substituted a later 3-slot driver, which was
> plug-and-play, and gives me a wide selection of cogs. And easy
> substitution (just a snap-ring holds it on). And easy chain line
> adjustment, since it uses dished sprockets and spacers. There may be a
> slight bit more play on the old ASC, but it's never going to be much
> tighter. And, I can't guarantee that this will work on a Hercules or BSA.

Good idea Harvey. I totally forgot about this option. According to Hadland the drivers should be interchangeable because most of these clones were made by Sturmey. But first I think I'll try Mark's route, only because I want to play around with spinning on two 3/32" cogs and turning it into a six speed with derailleur. If that doesn't work I'll try the same thing with a regular driver. I may need to lower the gears a bit. A friend and I are going to put on our own private Lake Pepin-style-English-gentlemen's-tour here in Arizona. It's going to be a multi-day Saloon Crawl thru such Old West towns as Tombstone and Bisbee (where we'll spend a day with Ken Wallace whether he likes it or not). English bikes, saddlebags, hubgears, but no Tweed. You'd either sweat to death or get shot by some drunken cowpoke.

Craig Montgomery Somewhere between "yeehaw" and "tally ho" in Tucson, Arizona