[CR] Some rare bikes for sale

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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 08:29:55 +0000
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Subject: [CR] Some rare bikes for sale


Time to thin down the herd again. I'm still short on room to store some of my bike collection; and these bikes need to be in the hands of people who have the time to enjoy them. Each one of these bikes has something special about it. One of them is a genuine one-of-a-kind.

1958 Flying Scot 51cm c-t x 54cm c-c. Completely restored frame by me, in a really nice (prize winning) salmon color with red lugs and gold pinstripes. This is a complete bike except for a saddle. Has a seat post that requires a saddle with the standard clamp arrangement. An Ideal 90 or something like that would be nice. Any saddle will work with a standard seat post clamp gizmo, I just don't have one handy. Has Stronglight 93 crankset, tubular rims, and other cool parts. Can't see all of it right now, but will bring it out for photos tomorrow. This is a GREAT riding vintage bike by my standards. Complete bike less a saddle. $1500, restored and ready to fly.

1972 Hetchins Scorpion Bonham Spyder 52cm c-t x 54.5cm c-c. Another bike restored by me; original bike was a single color and rather boring. The paint just did not do justice to this beautiful bike. Outfitted with TA triple crankset, 27" clincher wheels, Ideale saddle, early Shimano r. der. (original to bike as outfitted by Hetchins), randonnuer handlebars, Mafac brakes. I saved the original paint and decal on the seat tube and painted it in greens and gold with red pinstripes. Has a headbadge and a chromed fork crown also. I got this from the original owner; there is an interesting story behind this bike. The complete bike ready to roll, $2250.

Fully customized 1971 Peugeot PX-10 by Rob Roberson 53.5cm c-t x 54cm c-c frame. There is certainly only one bike like this one anywhere in the world. This bike belonged to the wife of a doctor here in San Diego and was converted (some time in the 80's I believe) to fit 650B wheels, Shimano rear der., and racks front and rear. Rob Roberson did all of the braze-ons and modifications and then the entire frameset was polished and chrome plated. Has the classic Nervex professional lugs we are so fond of and Reynolds 531 tubing. Chrome is still excellent. Fenders fit on this bike nicely. This bike has a nice comfortable ride and was fitted with a rare Stronglight triple crankset that was purchased in France while the owner was touring there back in the day. This is a unique bike that is ready to ride off into the sunset on a tour or just around town. $1600.

1986(ish) Tesch tandem 54cm c-t x 54cm c-c front, 51cm c-t x 55cm c-c rear. This is the ONE and ONLY tandem frame Dave Tesch almost ever built! Dave started this frame for himself in about 1986 or so but never quite completed it. Dave started off with Columbus tubing, Cinelli tandem lugs and fork crown combined with the standard lugs he used on his road frames to build this male front, female rear twin lateral stay frame. He got as far as getting the frame and fork built but never got to the job of putting on all of the bridges and braze-ons. I inherited the project some time in the 90's. I finished it off and assembled the bike to make sure everything was in order. I then disassembled it for paint. I got about 95% finished with the typical Baylis style 3 color paint job; but haven't had time to finish it off. I can finish the job in about 2 or 3 days. Needs only a few bits of pinstripes and a final clear coat. This bike is fully decaled and has never been ridden other than the short test. The new owner will be the first person to ride and own the only completed Tesch tandem in existence. I can also supply the bike with all of the parts I collected to make this a complete bike. This is a real one of a kind collectors item; a project that involved the late Dave Tesch and myself. The only other Tesch/Baylis collaboration in existence is an S-22 track bike Dave and I built, which isn't going anywhere beyond my personal collection. Price for just the frame and fork is $2000. Complete bike, $3000.

I can provide photos of these bikes, but it may take a day or two on some of them. Packing and shipping will run around $100 or a little more depending on where it's going and which bike it is. Please don't ask for photos unless you are DEAD SERIOUS about buying the bike in question. I'm still way behind in getting fully operational in my new shop, I've got the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show coming up, and still more construction and remodeling under way; so time is at a premium right now. I'm sorry I can't entertain the curious at this time (which seems to happen whenever I offer part of my collection for sale). Thanks for looking!

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA