Re: [CR] old rear hub to ID -- straight pull spokes

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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 20:13:34 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR] old rear hub to ID -- straight pull spokes

Ahhh! You have a nice oulde one. Back to the 1880's or '90's latest. Chain is probably 1"X1/4" wide, maybe 5/16 or3/8 widest, would have to measure. It's possible it was machined out of one piece of stock, but if you do some fine cleaning you may find a seam and when built up could be removed. You could make jigs to hold it without damaging either element but that's a lot of work. If you look close you will see the holes are countersunk for opposite spoke pull direction for straight head pull. The best place to find info is from "The Wheelmen"group who are super collectors and nice guys and gals restorers of bikes about to WW1 and older the better kinda folks. Several of our group are members also. Try: or "E": Kenneth Gray is the Commander.
Hope this helps.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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Subject: [CR] old rear hub to ID -- straight pull spokes

>I have a very old rear hub which I know nothing about. Photos:
> It uses straight-pull spokes (32) -- which are all the rage with current
> wheels from Mavic and others. Hmm, nuthin' new there.
> The cog (1" pitch, 8 teeth) seems to be one-piece with the hub shell and
> not
> removable.
> There are no locknuts. They could have been lost, though the left cone has
> a
> knurled ring for bearing adjustment by finger.
> It feels old (early 20th century?) and nicely made. The bearings still
> turn
> smoothly.
> Any ideas about this?
> Alan Cote
> Williston VT USA