Re: [CR] Pogliaghi: who built it?

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For "modern" post-bike boom Pogs, frames built under Sante's "supervision" all have PSM stamped into the seat lug.

Prior to the early 70's, that mark did not always appear on Pog shop-built bikes, 9 times out of ten when it WAS missing, it was on a special-build frameset and usually badged with a shop or distributor's name and may or may not have had "Pogliaghi" transfers applied also.

Should be said that it is far more likely that Sante laid hands on pre-bike boom Pogs, than on post-boom ones, but if the "PSM" is there it was produced "under" him.

I'd be interested to hear about early shop-builds that had model name, the PSM,  and/or other identifying characteristics stamped into the head tube (attempt to bed the previous question and hi-jack the thread)  

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>Given my Pogliaghi is either an late 1983 or early 1984 frame, who would
>have built it?
>I'm pretty sure that Sante might have walked through the shop at least once
>while some
>unknown apprentice brazed the frame but that's about as far as I can stretch
>I know Freschi worked as an apprentice at Sante's shop, but who else did?
>In a similar vein who is the apprentice pictured in "The Custom Bicycle"
>of the Pogliaghi shop?
>It's winter, snowing in Texas and I'm bored, so I think we need an Italian
>heated discussion much like the recent Dawes one.
>Marty Eison
>in Slushy Frisco, Texas USA
>where I most decidedly won't be taking my Poglaghi Pista
>out to the Velodrome. Marty, I only know what I read in the's a quote: "Sante Pogliaghi went into semi-retirement in 1983 and sold his business to another manufacturer [Rossin??]...  Then in 1989, Sante joined Alcide Basso to raise the name Pogliaghi to its former heights.  With the old master's collaboration the Basso company intends to produce Pogliaghi frames one by one, in the classical style while using the most modern manufacturing techniques. "
>From what I read elsewhere it was indeed Rossin, and then Sante was acting as a "consultant" to the Basso Bros. in their 1989 resurrection of the brand.
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