[CR] Roy Thame Frame (Ian Briggs)

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Subject: [CR] Roy Thame Frame (Ian Briggs)

Basically this is a Holdworth frame out of their Putney shop where Roy Thame was the manager - and also of their Pro team*.

Some Holdsworths were branded as Thames - but I for one never really understood why anyone wanted to buy one as at the time (early to mid Seventies) the Holdsworth-Campagnolo team* held huge sway on the UK Pro circuit - mostly weekend Crits and Short / Medium distance road races. Les West and Colin Lewis in particular were nearly everyones' heroes.

For that reason most amateur roadies would have bought a Holdsworth (preferably an Orange & Blue Professional) in preference to a 'Thame'. I recall seeing loads for the former - and very few of the latter in the amateur pelotons around London at that time... Nevertheless very nice bits of kit, which I could never afford (!)

Thus any combination of 1970s mid to high end Campag / Cinelli / Brooks Professional or similar would be a suitable set up for your new acquisition.

Look here for guidance:


Ian Briggs
Luton, Bedfordshire, UK.