Re: [CR] Respecting the Heron

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 19:58:47 -0800
From: "P.C. Kohler" <>
To: <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Respecting the Heron

"Well, Peter, since last summer I was given a late 60s PX-10, there are actually THREE of us in the DC area! I'm just pretty quiet on the list. And my PX-10 is still in "project mode". Hope to get it up and running before too long.

Tim Fricker Vienna, VA USA"

And yes, I have been reminded by Charlie Young that Fred Radnor has his LeJeune. So it looks like we have pretty much decided that Dan Artley's annual mid July ride will have a French theme, perfectly timed with Bsatille Day, non?

I have just finished my 1969 PX-10 and a few months ago, my 1960 PHX-10 which might be my "Cirque bike".

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA