Re: [CR] Intro and WTB (ALAN cyclocross frame)

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From: Drew Ellison <>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 16:35:28 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Intro and WTB (ALAN cyclocross frame)

I had a large (62cm) Alan road frame. I owned it a few years and was not the original owner. It was very comfortable and very flexy. It was great for a year or two while I commuted on it. Then it developed a rub. Under hard sprints (which doesn't happen very much for me anymore) or climbing hard, the rear brake pad would rub on one side or else the rear wheel would rub on one of the chain stays. I can't remember which it was. Then after I saw a couple photos of Alans with cracked headtube/downtube lugs, I decided it was a good time to sell it while it was still whole.

I wouldn't be surprised if the bonding glue gave up over time, and that's why they might get more flexy over time.

Drew Ellison Everett, Washington USA

On Feb 23, 2010, at 4:07 PM, chris ioakimedes wrote:
> No I did not anneal the frame. Whether it is the tubes flexing or the
> lugs is hard to tell. I just noticed the rear brake rubbing when I
> pushed down hard on the pedals while going uphill. I still have the
> bike.
> Chris ioakimedes
> Fairfax California
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> Chris- Did you anneal your Alan? My understanding of Aluminum is that it
> work hardens with stress.
> We all know that the old wives tale of steel frames "going soft" is
> false.
> Let's not start more misinformation about Aluminum, it has enough issues
> as
> a frame material already.
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>> I loved my Alan cyclocross bike until the frame got so soft that when I
>> pedal uphill, the rear brake rubs. Be careful buying a used one.
>> Chris ioakimedes
>> Fairfax California
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>> Hi all,
>> A quick introduction: I'm Tim McGovern, I ride a late but on-topic
>> Trek and (more usually) a Surly built up a la 1980
>> cyclocross/commuter: friction-shifted (of course) from the bar-ends.
>> I've been a subscriber in the past but recently found myself browsing
>> the archives more and more, so I thought I'd sign up once again. I
>> love to admire the restorations and preservations (but my habits--not
>> to mention living situation--fall very much into the "This is why we
>> can't have nice things!" category).
>> I've conceived a powerful lust, however, for a vintage ALAN cyclocross
>> frame, 54cm tall. I was second-highest bidder in an eBay auction on
>> one last week and the desire is still burning strong. Drop me a line
>> if you've got one more than you need!
>> With thanks, and happiness to be back on the list,
>> Tim McGovern
>> Chicago, Illinois, USA