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Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 07:11:45 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR] basement find Bianchi

The first possible sponsor that springs to my mind would be the filter company MANN. It has been around for a very long time and their colour is green. Have a look at: Bob - I do not know if my photos at: would be of interest for your timeline? Very best regards Johan Ericson Stockholm, Sweden
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> I always refer to these bikes as the missing links.
> Bianchi distribution was dodgy here in the USA ranging from 1968 till
> maybe 1978 or so. A time line would be interesting here as distribution
> switched from outlet to outlet.
> Anyone know when Bianchi USA actually opened its doors?
> All Pro bikes I have seen in this time period all seem to be
> ''gray market'' bikes that found their way over here via direct import.
> Based on the decaling(black) and the seat tube marking (73-74) we might
> guess this to be a 1975 bike sourced in Europe, thus the MANN badging.
> Was MANN a shop or Team I could not say.
> I have a small collection of photos showing bikes from this time
> period and probably should organize them into a time line.
> Anyone who worked for a distributor or shop that handled Bianchi in
> the 1970s could you pipe up here? Even if its anecdotal it would help. I
> know Ben Lawee distributed Bianchi until 1968 or so and then at least
> here in the West there was a small time distributor(1970-1972) who could
> not deliver much of a selection then in the late 70s Bianchi USA appeared .
> Also about this particular bike, note the Campagnolo dropouts, all
> Reparto Corsa production used them, bikes produced at other facilities
> used lesser types and its an easy indicator of origin.