Re: [CR] Been offered a Lejeune tandem..

Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 12:52:25 +0100
From: Hans Joergensen <>
To: Norris Lockley <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Been offered a Lejeune tandem..

On 24-Feb-2010, Norris Lockley wrote:
> It would be a dangerous and costly mistake for anyone thinking of buying any
> tandem frame from a French mass-producer such as Lejeune, Peugeot,
> Motobecane, Gitane, Gottfried etc to assume that the frame had been built by
> the reputed Lyon-based builder, FOLLIS. That would be far from the truth.

I would agree on this,

I just got the Lejeune today, and it turns out that it's a welded frame så it's certainly not a high quality tandem.

It is however not too heavy, i would guess 55-65lbs, including lots of heavy parts and heavy tires. The frame feels stiff and nice too.

The reason the paint looked pretty nice in the photos from the seller was that it has been resprayed - some years ago it seems - with a rattlecan.

But considering the cost i'm pretty happy, and I didn't really intend to restore it to former glory anyway :)

Hans Joergensen
Copenhagen, Denmark