Re: [CR] French Alpin high flange hubs - any info?

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From: Kurt Sperry <>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:20:43 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] French Alpin high flange hubs - any info?

I don't have anything definitive but I seem to recall hearing somewhere about a tie in with the Charles Pelissier firm, there certainly seems to be a resemblance between the alloy 3 piece with apparently cast barrels designs of the Alpin and the later Pelissier hubs. That said Pelissier hub boxes were marked Ste. Etienne whereas the Alpin boxes have an Annecy address, 1 rue des Usines, which at least sounds more like an actual manufacturing address than a mere corporate office. Hopefully someone on the list will be able to provide better information.

Kurt Sperry Bellingham, Washington USA

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> Dear list members,
> as a first time poster and newbie to the list i want to start off with thanking everyone who contributes to this great knowledge base.
> Maybe some of you can give me some info on a pair of Alpin high flange hubs that i couldn't find much info about so far, even in this list the only info i could find was an inquiry from 2003 which didn't turn out too much info - a reference to an ebay ad in which the seller claims these would be Maxicar derivatives - which may or may not be true... At the moment there is also an ebay ad at the moment pretty similar to mine except the fact that they're low flange and the seller dates them to the 80's ( - i'm not affiliated in any way with the seller).
> The hubs in question are found on a french bike that i am pretty sure dates to the mid 70's - 75/76 to be exact. The frame components are of pretty high end quality and all of the components seem original to me. Please have a look at the picture i uploaded here:
> Would be great if someone could give some insight on manufacturer and history of these hubs...
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