[CR] Track / pista / fixie items for TRADE, UPDATED.

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 10:49:27 +1300
From: Wayne Davidson <wayne.collect@xtra.co.nz>
To: CR <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Track / pista / fixie items for TRADE, UPDATED.

Hi all, I have the following items up for TRADE, items will only be up for sale after trades are completed from all forums that I use.

Reply to me direct, I will reply to all recieved emails, reply to me direct. I can supply pix as required. All parts are second hand unless otherwise specified.

Items listed below are part primary used on Track/Pista bicycles. I have a lot of other parts such as seats, handlebars etc that could also be used for such bicycles, if you have a wants list please send me a copy.....wayne davidson in warm Invercargill NZ.........


BOTTOM BRACKET AXLE. BBA1001. Campagnolo Athena? 70 SSG 111mm long. NOS.

BOTTOM BRACKET CUPSET. BBC1001. Campagnolo thincup ENG threaded NO lockring. BBC1002. Campagnolo thincup Italian threaded.

CHAINRINGS. ALL ARE SECOND HAND, SILVER , 3/32" & 144MM BCD UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. CHR1001. Andel 49T Black, very low mileage on track bicycle. CHR1002. Campagnolo Pista 47T 151mm BCD. CHR1003. Campagnolo Pista 50T 151mm BCD. CHR1004. Galli Criterium 42T silver . CHR1005. Galli Criterium 52T silver with peg. CHR1006. Galli 48T silver. Low usage track bicycle use only. CHR1007. Sugino Mighty Competition 48T. CHR1008. Sugino Mighty Competition 49T. CHR1009. SR / Sugino / Suntour Superbe 47T. CHR1010. SR / Sugino / Suntour Superbe 49T.

CHAINRING BOLTS. CHB1011. Campagnolo spacer for single chainring #801. Set of 5. CHB1012. Campagnolo PISTA bolt. CHB1013. Campagnolo PISTA bolt. CHB1014. Campagnolo PISTA bolt. CHB1015. Campagnolo PISTA bolt. CHB1016. Campagnolo PISTA nut. CHB1017. Campagnolo PISTA nut. CHB1018. Campagnolo PISTA nut. CHB1019. Campagnolo PISTA nut. CHB1021. Shimano PISTA nut. CHB1022. Shimano PISTA nut. NOS. CHB1023. Shimano PISTA bolt/nut. NOS. CHB1024. Shimano PISTA bolt/nut. NOS. CHB1025. Shimano PISTA bolt/nut. NOS. CHB1026. Sugino PISTA bolt. CHB1028. Sugino PISTA nut/bolt HEAVY marking. Set of 4. CHB1041. Unknown spacer washer for single chainring set of 5. CHB1064. Unknown PISTA steel bolt. CHB1065. Unknown PISTA steel bolt. CHB1066. Unknown PISTA steel. Set of 5. CHB1067. Unknown PISTA steel. NOS set of 5. CHB1072. Zeus Pista PAT nut/bolt LARGE writing. CHB1073. Zeus Pista PAT nut/bolt small writing.

CRANKSET. CRS1001. Campagnolo Pista 165mm with aftermarket Ti bolts, Campagnolo nuts already installed, NO cranks & threads all good. Can supply mounting bolts.

FIXED WHEEL COGS. ALL 3/32" X 1/2" UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. FXX1001. TDC 18T. FXX1002. Shimano Dura Ace 15T. NOS. FXX1004. Unknown 7T inch pitch x 1/4". FXX1005. Unknown 14T. FXX1006. Unknown 16T. FXX1007. Unknown 17T. FXX1008. Unknown 18T.

HANDLEBAR. HBR1001. Cinelli Pista steel, has a slight ben on one end. SH.

HANDLEBAR STEM. HST1005. 3ttt track 110/3 Silver.

HEADSET. *ALL HAVE BEARINGS UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. HDT1006. Galli/Stronglight Black plastic taper roller brg TRACK FR 68g. NOS boxed.

HUBS SINGLE FRONT. HBF1001. Campagnolo Record large flange Pista 32H, shell sanded but NOT polished. HBF1002. Campagnolo Record large flange Pista 32H. (CURRENTLY BEING REBUILT)

HUBS SINGLES REAR. HBR1001. Airlite small flange 40H 3 piece flip flop track, 1 cog thread has a hacksaw cut accross it, does not affect it when built up. 120mm spacing, rebuilt complete with original lockrings. HBR1003. Campagnolo NO Record large flange 40H road hub converted to track hub, 120mm with 14 & 15T cogs to suit.

HUB AXLES. *FRONT 9mm diameter x 26tpi. HAX1014. Campagnolo Record pista complete with cones locknuts washers & mounting nuts. NOS.

HUB AXLES. *REAR 10mm diameter x 26tpi. HRX1010. Campagnolo Record pista complete with cones locknuts washers & mounting nuts. NOS.

PEDALS. PED1001. Campagnolo modern Gran sport, all silver alloy body & quill plates, modded to track pedals, rebuilt with new balls & grease, have used alloy axles as well. They could do with some more work that would make them lighter, but I ain't got the time. Have been assembled with grease, new balls & NOS GPM plastic caps, look real nice and weigh in at 232g for the pair, this compares to a set of Con Dente that are 397g for the pair.

SEAT. SET1001. Avanti Pista CrMo rails. NOS. SET1002. Avanti Pista Ti rails. NOS.


BOOK/MAGS/BROCHURES ETC. Photocopies and scans OK Galli, I do have the 1a 1979 catalog. Am looking for the 24 page catalog from the late 70's. Rigi, I do have the Bicycling Oct 1981 mag, 2 small BPP brochures, and photocopies from 2 different sets of Factory brochures.

CAMPAGNOLO BRAKE CALIPER PARTS. SR brakeshoe mounting nut NOS x3. Adjusting nut #2007 x3. Adjusting screw #2009 x 2. Rubber bumper for front caliper #2043. Milled washer #2021 x2 NOS. Nut #2018 x2 NOS. Cable clamp block #2004 x1 NOS.

REAR DERAILEUR PARTS. CAMPAGNOLO NR RD. Campagnolo NR inner pulley cage plate #815/A NOS only required.

NEEDED FOR MY 2009 CINELLI SUPERCORSA PISTA. Cinelli XA 115mm handlebar stem in silver NOS only. Cinelli XA 110mm handlebar stem in silver NOS only. Campagnolo SR 2 bolt seatpost 27.2mm. Campagnolo Modern Record Pista crankset 165mm, UNMARKED only, can offer the same in 170mm for a trade. Suntour track cogs 15 & 17T x 3/32".

NEEDED FOR MY RIGI. Galli shifter lever wingbolt NOS only please. Gian Robert front deraileur to suit a RIGI.

CAMPAGNOLO BOXES. Campagnolo Record large flange pista hub box. Campagnolo Record small flange pista hub box.

SUPER RECORD BLUE BOXES. Campagnolo SR pedal box Campagnolo SR brakeset box. Campagnolo SR hub box small flange. Campagnolo toeclips size large.