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"Here is my proposal for a "beginner's collection of 60's - 80's road bikes". I'm not saying that I own all these bikes, in fact I own about half of them. What I'm suggesting is that if you're just starting out collecting vintage bikes, here are some models that were sold for a long time, and/or had a storied history, from all 3 continents. Most importantly, these bikes are still plentiful and affordable for a collector just starting out.

- Viscount Aerospace - ALAN Competition - Peugeot PX-10 - Colnago Super (in Lieu of MASI) - Fuji Finest, Newest, or Ace - Schwinn Paramount - Raleigh/Carlton Pro or International - Windsor Pro (in Lieu of Cinelli) - TREK 600 or 700 series, 1977-1988

Comments, Additions, Corrections?

- Don Gillies"

Why would anyone need a "list" of what to collect? Isn't collecting about buying what you like? If not, you are doing it wrong.

Jon Williams
Grants Pass OR USA