[CR] Pre-'60 Cinelli Pista - Why No Chrome?

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From: "Nathan Cozzolino" <cozzolino77@hotmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 17:48:19 +0000
Subject: [CR] Pre-'60 Cinelli Pista - Why No Chrome?

This bike was traded to me by another CR lister who picked it up in Italy. It was sold to him there as a retired UVI team bike. Could that be why it's chrome-less? It's hard to see in these photos, but the head badge is blue, for that reason I was told it was a 1960 or earlier frame. Any thoughts folks? I also have an original Cinelli decal set... to resotre or not to restore..? http://www.flickr.com/photos/19321250@N05/sets/72157623586822942/ Nathan CozzolinoSan Francisco, California