Re: [CR] Help with ID of Masi 3V Frame

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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 13:47:56 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] Help with ID of Masi 3V Frame

Not to stir the pot here, but out of genuine curiosity: So how would the Masi-sta Cognoscenti weigh in on one of these frames? Given that it was made in Italy...but *not* through the Vigorelli or under Alberto's eye...and also not through the Cal-Masi operation, with it's well-known lineage to Faliero...Is this a "real" Masi?

Matthew Bowne trying to navigate my way through the convoluted path that is Masi history in Brooklyn, New York
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> Subject: Re: [CR] Help with ID of Masi 3V Frame
> Jon,
> This frame was built from the lugs and tubesets used sourced from Ted
> Kirkbride's Masi stock in California.
> It was actually built in Italy by Mondonico, then shipped to the then
> Masi distributor, Torelli Imports in Camarillo California.
> He then shipped it to me to be painted.
> The correct fork would have a semi sloping crown with the Masi logo cast
> into it. I think that perhaps Ted may have few of these left.
> Jim Allen
> the CycleSmiths
> Ranchita, CA
> Jon M. Crate wrote:
> > I bought this Masi 3V in the stripped state without a fork. (Searches of the CR
> > archives indicate the 3V to be considered (barely) on topic)
> > Recent comments about the angst of buying a forkless frame are well taken, but
> > for me the chance to get one my size was too good to miss.
> > I see no signs of crash damage or repair.
> > Efforts to pump the seller for information yielded nothing saying it is how he
> > bought it and he thought the previous owner used the fork on another bike.
> >
> > Here are photos
> >
> >
> > I do not know enough to determine if it is Italian or US built, or what year it
> > may have been built.
> > The serial number is 039958 and there is another number on the opposite side of
> > the bottom bracket - 69.
> > - Can anyone interpret these numbers and tell me about this frame?
> >
> > There are traces of yellow and blue in recesses.
> > It is 60 cm ctt and the top tube is 59 ctc and it weighs a mere 1971.8 grams,
> > 120 less than either of my 58 cm PX-10s, but they are wearing paint.
> >
> > - Where could I find an appropriate fork for this?
> >
> > Many thanks,
> >
> > Jon M. Crate
> > Marietta, Georgia USA