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From: "nelson miller" <nelsmiller@msn.com>
To: Dale Brown <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 19:35:59 -0800
Subject: [CR] Stuff FOR SALE

Group -- I have skimmed off some of the top of the pile and thought I'd offer it to the list before doing the eBay thing... Prices do NOT include postage, which will be charged at actual cost. I can take and send jpegs if you wish. If you do not like something when it is received, you are welcome to return it... Thanks for looking.

SADDLE. Ideale SWALLOW -- Very rare. chrome rails.. used .. some distress in the leather. This is a real Swallow... not a normal saddle that has been cut off. It looks quite nice-- finish is shiny with patina -- I would grade it about an 8.0 to 8.5.. I'm selling this for a friend -- his price is $200. (If you want to see what one looks like, there is one on my Urago in the CR archives.)

SADDLE Unicanitor -- Marked Cinelli on the back. covered with a brownish textured leather (buffalo?) with a light padding. Looks like some kind of alloy rails (?), It has been mounted, but it is in excellent condition -- no scrapes, etc. $125

SADDLE UNICANITOR Black plastic with three large holes and a bunch of little holes in the top. It has been mounted, but looks new -- Alloy appearing rails.. if you want one of these, this is a good one... $50

SADDLE MIDDLEMORE -- conventional saddle, model M, with black painted rails. I am told that these were made by Brooks as a more economical model?. The saddle has been mounted and used very little, if at all -- the black finish is like new with one small imperfection on the right rear. The embossed logo is very crisp, like new-- the saddle looks new. The side flaps need to be dampened and pulled in a bit - which I can do if you wish.. $40

SADDLE BROOKS --VERY OLD -- VERY NARROW I dont' know what model this is, as the logo is completely gone from the side. It is probably pre-WWll, and has wire bag loops on the back it is only 5" wide, which is wider than the old "sprinter", but narrower than the B-17 Narrow. It has a very nice embossed badge on the back with the interlocking O's.. I have several other pre-war saddles with the same name plate. The leather seems in good supple condition (proofhide) but has a matte finish.. not a shiny polish. Black painted rails.. very unusual saddle.. $50

HANDLEBARS PIVO arched touring bend -- with the nice Pivo winged logo engraved on each side of the stem. 45 cm overall width -- $20

HANDLEBARS -- STEEL TRACK bend -- No name or engraving -- good chrome out about 8" from the stem, then some scrapes on the forward edge that I would cover with bar tape. (I have some engraved Cinelli bars, and they look the same to me... I am told that Cinelli sold unmarked bars??? ) 41.5 cm overall width ---$65

HANDLEBARS GB Ventroux (sp?) These are the conventional alloy road bars with the large GB logo on one side and the map of England on the other. The engraving is nice and crisp, and the bars polish up nicely to the point where the bar tape would end. I will supply a GB mid-70's stem with these bars... I have many of these, and can probably supply about any size you wish. 41.5 cm. overall width. $50

PEDALS ZEUS English bsc threads -- alloy bodies with steel cages very nice condition with a small scrape on each end cap. These have the bracket sticking out for the toe strap like the early Campag pedals. $40

PEDALS CAMPAGNOLO GRAN SPORT Nice used condition -- could stand some polishing -- British thread. End caps pretty good, with small scrape on left pedal cap $30

CRANKSET CAMPAGNOLO GRAN SPORT. Alloy three arm in nice used conditdion.. 52/42 rings with normal wear... very usable. Some toe strap marking on the arms, otherwise good finish. 170 Strada -- English thread. $70

DERAILLEUR CAMPAGNOLO NUOVO GRAN SPORT --Very nice condition -- very usable.. $20

SHIFT LEVERS CAMPAGNOLO these are the later model without the stippled background. I believe they are NOS and they have the little plastic bushing that keeps them together until they are mounted... these are for braze-on installation.. no band included.. $20

FRONT HUB FB steel barreled 3-piece low alloy flange front hub in excellent/near new condition... It has been laced, but looks like new. Engraving on the barrel is very crisp! 36 hole. Hollow axle -- skewer NOT included. FB also made the same hubs and branded them Simplex or Campagnolo. $50

HUBSET STURMEY ARCHER. Conventional hubset set up for a freewheel. (These are not part of the Normal S-A multi-speed hub).. Very good/excellent condition -- need to be disassembled and repacked. The front has a steel chrome barrel with steel high flanges that are 2 7/8" in diameter. The real has a chrome steel barrel with 3 1/4" alloy high flanges. 36/36 spoking. They have been laced before, but I suspect not used very much... solid axels with nuts supplied. $50

DERAILLEUR SET CAMPAGNOLO VALENTINO Front and rear (Valentino Extra) derailleur set.. very good used condition -- includes the rear mounting bracket for connection to a no-hanger dropout. An example of this econo-derailleur.. either use them or display. $35

STEM CINELLI 1A STEEL This is a nice used steel stem with the oval logo.. no major problems. It had surface rust in the underside, which came off ok, but there are a few rust pits in the chrome here and there, and mark on the front of the insertion tube. It would be fine for a bike with some patina, or coud be re-chromed for show. This one is an in-between -- I elected not to re-chrome it, but would not use it on a really pristine bike. $40

FREEWHEEL SHIMANO 6-SPEED 13 to 26 teeth good condition -- $8

Thank you very much for looking... If you have questions, you can email me at nelsmiller@msn.com .

Nelson Miller // Seattle, WA // USA