Re: [CR] FS: frameset with chainset, early '70s Bottecchia Giro d'Italia

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Subject: Re: [CR] FS: frameset with chainset, early '70s Bottecchia Giro d'Italia

I hate to be mean but this is a lot of hype for a mediocre rider. Commodity frame, useless repaint, crummy crankset.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Whitneyville, CT

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Subject: [CR] FS: frameset with chainset, early '70s Bottecchia Giro d'Italia

Something else to offer to the list, if you'll pardon me:

A Bottecchia frameset with no brazeons, very lightweight, Columbus double-butted tubing. To be sold with original Nervar Star chainset and bottom-bracket per model "Giro d'Italia" specification, installed, smooth, and ready for action. Includes cableguides, Campagnolo at the bottom-bracket and chainstay. Some Dia-compes up top, if only as placeholders. No headset included. 52 / 42 rings. Campagnolo dropouts.

The frame is a decent amateur respray, a few years old but in very good shape, in "Bottecchia Blue." Whoever did it chose to cover the headlugs, the they are theoretically chrome under there, and the rest of the chrome is in great shape. A set of flickr photos is available at:

$320 shipped in the continental U.S.

Transfers are available from cyclomondo on eBay. His price for them is $45.

I offered this to the list a couple of years ago. I think it had a brakeset and headset at the time, and the price was different. Transfers for older Bottecchias were less available then; there's a bit different audience here now; I'm hoping this worthy frameset will find a sympathetic home at this time.


Tom Ward Bonita, California, USA

P.S. With an alloy headset and Universal 68s--otherwise stock--it was noticeably very light, and I have other Italian frames, comparable, to compare it to. But I've never had a good scale. The chrome is in great shape. This frameset is eminently restorable, not much needs to be done. Maybe ride as is, and restore later--in the color of your choice. The lore handed-down was that this is a '71.

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