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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 22:58:13 -0700
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List, I've posted about Mangano's before (look in the archives):

-according to the grandson Larry (now in his mid 60's), they were the first to import Campagnolo into the U.S. of A. -Imported Legnano and Umberto Dei. These brands and their logos appear on an early business card for the shop. The nearly full remains of one of these cards was found by Kevin Stimpson (still on list?) in the bottom bracket of one of his Bianchi's about 10 years ago. I had pictures; long misplaced and lost in an old computor. -That location was THE meeting place (from what I was told by the old timmers 35 years ago) for the start of the days ride.

There's more but I'm tired,

John Pergolizzi San Diego but REAL busy get'n out!

On Mar 18, 2010, at 9:05 PM, Joseph LaTassa wrote:
> ... Mangano's was part of the reigning postwar triumvirate of top-
> tier bike shops in NYC, the other two being Tom Avenia's, the
> exclusive importer of Frejus/Legnano based in Harlem (originally
> located on 119th St), and Stuyvesant Bicycle in lower Manhattan (run
> by Sal Corso), who had always imported Atala.
> The Mangano family had various business interests in Bklyn, but I
> believe it was Benny Mangano that ran the shop... they were also
> factory agents for Fiorelli.
> Joe LaTassa
> Hellertown, PA
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> From: coel canth <>
> Subject: [CR] Mangano Cycle Co. Brooklyn, NY
> To: "Classic Rendezvous" <>
> Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010, 6:14 PM
> has anyone heard of this old Brooklyn shop once located on Avenue U in
> Gravesend ??
> maybe some of you BVVW oldtimers ?
> I've just come across my second early 60s Italian lightweight bearing
> their decal;
> the first being a ca. 1961 Chiorda, campy Gran Sport/Magistroni,
> universal mod. 61 brakeset..
> da latest find is a ca. 1963 Atala, full campy Record, probably had
> the same centerpull brakes
> some pics here:
> seems like they dealt with some pretty nice stuff pre bike boom, just
> curious if anyone has a recollection or anecdote, or maybe another
> bike that passed through their shop. i wonder what other marques they
> carried ?
> andrei padlowski
> brooklyn, ny