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From: "Charles Andrews" <>
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2010 06:50:50 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR] pogliaghi pista correct parts

others wrote:

Finally getting around to building up my Pogliaghi Pista serial # 9606 (For
> clarification my frame is NOT the f/f for sale on Ebay several weeks ago
> though is similar). Assuming my dating is correct and please if someone
> believes it not to be let me know, I am needing to ascertain what Campy
> pista cranks and chain rings are period correct; 151BCD or 144BCD. Luckily
> I happen to have both on hand.

Well this is a bit of a mystery... I have Pogliaghi #9606, a 57cm red track frame built for the Canadian national team, sitting in my possession. Is your bike also stamped #9606, or was that a typo? Forgive the poorly lit photos...

(I obviously have an interest in the correct parts as well... ;)


serial number stamps on Pogliaghis were often mis-hit, or poorly hit. I've seen more than a few with that problem.

Is it not the case that Campagnolo track cranks were uniformly 151BCD right through the 70s?

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