Re: [CR] Need Correct BCD Info 60's/70's Pog

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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 15:08:25 -0000
Subject: Re: [CR] Need Correct BCD Info 60's/70's Pog

I'd say you are correct Jeff regarding the 144 BCD cranks being introduced around 67/68........also, forget now who noticed that track cranks don't seem to be dated, but I checked my 'Piste' crankset from 1975 and sure enough they are not dated.

I'm not a Pogliaghi expert by any means.......but I think which ever period you chose...67 or earlier it sounds like you will have a desirable bike.

Should you choose the 151 BCD and Record rear gear version I would think you would need to fit the front gear with the chromed bronze arms and non slotted cable stop [a generation 2 front gear] as opposed to the type with alloy arms and slotted cable stop [gen 3].....and perhaps Universal mod 51 brakes...or even mod 61s? for it to be period consistent.

cheers Kevin Sayles Bridgwater Somerset UK

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Subject: Re: [CR] Need Correct BCD Info 60's/70's Pog

> Someone had mentioned that 144bcd cranks (Strada) had come into use by

> 1971. My understanding is that the 144bcd Strada cranksets came into use

> much earlier, in about 1968, with the introduction of the Nuovo Record

> group. They were not date coded until 1971 or so.


> I have the same, but more difficult question with my own, recently

> acquired strada Pogliaghi. It is number 9187, which I think puts it in

> the 1967/68 ish period. A prior owner had fitted period-conistent parts

> including a 144bcd crank (Pat. no date code), Pat. no date Nuovo Record

> rear derailleur, old Record front derailleur with cable stop, and

> Universal 68 side pulls. I think this would be perfect for a '68/'69

> built bike, but am wondering if the frameset actually dates a tad earlier.

> Also, curiously, this frameset does not have the hallmark diamonds cut

> into the lugs, but does have "PSM" in the seat tube and all other

> lugwork, fork crown, and workmanship of Pogliaghi of this period, also

> original paint and decals.


> I have a 151bcd crank and old Record rear derailleur that I could fit.

> Calling out to the Pogliaghi cognoscenti - what should I do?


> Jeff Pyzyk

> Milwaukee, WI