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Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 21:09:46 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR] A new bike shop in PARIS

Lorenzo is a good guy. I met him a few years ago in Gaiole during L'eroica.

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On Mar 21, 2010, at 8:44 PM, Norris Lockley <> wrote:
>> From time to time CR listers ask what bike shops there are in
>> Paris that
> are worth a visit.
> Of course there used to be dozens, paticularly near the Arc de
> Triomphe..Boissis, Branton, Oscar Egg, Wolber, Danguillaume, La Roue
> d'Or,
> CNC etc
> All have gone..
> Now an optimistic Frenchman bearing an Italian name who is better
> known to
> Listers by his eBay pseudonym of ROCVALE - the seller of some of the
> most
> delightful retro French goodies, has taken the bold step of opening
> up a new
> shop...not in the suburbs, but in the centre of Paris, in the 17th
> Arondissement, near the Gare St Lazare,
> If you happen to be in Paris and strolling westwards along Pigalle,
> Boulevard de Clichy, having spent some time doing the sight-seeing
> bit at
> the Sacre Coeur, the Moulin Rouge...keep walking until you have left
> the
> former sleezy red-light area, the bouloevard dips a little down to the
> left...then not far away on your right look for the Rue des
> Batignolles..take it..straight ahead towards the Batignolles area..
> The check your map and find* rue de la Condamine, No 91, Paris
> 75017.....
> L'Atelier des Velos (ADV..for short)*
> The new detaillant/magasinier is *Lorenzo Savarino...*he has very bold
> plans..but it will take time. From what I know of his huge stash of
> reto
> goodies I know that he could fill the shop several times over...but I
> suspect that Lorenzo, a very shrewd and immensely likeable chap,
> will be
> astute enough just to keep a small collection on display..just to
> tempt the
> passing American and English..and Japanese tourists
> Lorenzo has started to assemble a watch this space ..
> And when you've had a good lively chat with Lorenzo or his elder son
> Enzo,
> then it's not too far, straight ahead, yet again..and a bit to the
> right to
> Alex Singer's shop.


> Norris Lockley


> Settle UK