Re: [CR] Replacement Chains

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Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 15:22:18 -0400
From: "John Betmanis" <>
References: <SNT107-W48A853C5B1B7D23934E823B0210@phx.gbl>
Subject: Re: [CR] Replacement Chains

SRAM replaces Sedis. Go to the archives and search for "sedis" in the past year for suggestions and the right SRAM part numbers. I really haven't used a rivet tool to assemble these chains since I discovered the SRAM Powerlink.

-- John Betmanis Woodstock, Ontario Canada

On 28/03/2010 2:37 PM, jeff holt wrote:
> My NOS of sedis chains has dwindled down to one.
> I searched the archives and it appears that the last discussion on which modern chains seem to work best on 5/6/7 speed freewheels dates from 2001.
> I'm presently using a variety of 5/6/7 speed Regina& Suntour freewheels on my bikes.
> My LBS suggested that a Shimano 6/7/8 hyperglide chain would work.
> My limited prior experience with Shimano's connector pin system left me less the thrilled.
> My second concern is that if I were to install a Shimano chain on my all Campy Cinelli, the bike my spontaneously burst into flames...& I'm not sure my homeowner's coverage would pay for the damage. (I believe my policy excludes coverage for willful stupid acts on my part.)
> Any suggestions for a currently in production chain, preferably one that uses the old push the rivet out/in with your Rivoli chain tool method of assembly.
> Thanks
> Jeff Holt
> West Deptford, NJ