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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 16:19:49 +0200
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Hello list

I have talked to Gosta Pettersson a lot of times about his bicycles as I have activly searched for "his Masi" (of course he had several) for many years. One of the Masi bikes he used as a pro, at the Giro 1971, he sold as a "normal bike" to a person entering his bike shop. He said - "to me it was just a bike".

I do not think that this bike is Gostas because it looks too small (without knowing the exact size - but judging from the photos). He is rather tall and would have used a 59-60 C/C frame. This does not say it is not a Pettersson bike - as he had three successful brothers Thomas, Erik and Sture - all of them good amature and professional riders. It might be one of theirs.

Then to the "before and after turning pro" - when amature they rode real Monark and Crescent bikes. Not Masis. I have that from Gosta himself and he was 100% sure of it. It was a big thing in Sweden at the time and if it would have gotten out that they rode re-labeled bikes it would have been a disaster. Therefore they did not.

When they turned pro at least Gosta still rode Monarks but now re-labeled Masis. Monark blue with Monark decals. They must have made a deal about it. I have pictures from both Feretti and SCIC with Gosta on Monark(Masi). What they rode when coming home after their pro period I do not know.

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of bikes in Sweden are rumoured to have been Gostas/bought from Gosta/built by Gosta/etc. The truth is that those bikes might be bikes from any of the brothers/from their bike shop (which sold bikes for many, many years)/or any or non of all the alternatives.

If this bike is a Masi - I do not know for sure. If it is a Gosta (or his brothers) Masi - it has to be from pro time. I know one thing - do not use it as a commuter until you know more about it.

Very best regards

Johan Ericson

Stockholm, Sweden
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> Subject: [CR] Pettersson Masi?
> If the Monark is a Masi I believe it would be from before he was a Pro
> riding for Ferretti and Magniflex. A "Monark" for a Swedish amateur makes
> sense, National Team, National Bike.
> Victor Penner
> Vancouver BC Canada