Re: [CR] adapter for Shimano 600 AX pedlas

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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 22:15:44 -0700
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This is what the adapters looked like. Loose Screws used to have some, but they're not there now.


I've seen 'em come up on eBay from time to time. The pedals also come up for sale there. Rumor has it these crankarms break all of the time, but I've never seen evidence of such a thing.

Scott Minneman San Francisco, CA, USA
> Hi everyone: Leave it up to Shimano. I have this SR Aero Bike that has the
> 600 AX series components (item # 140378079280 on eBay) on it which is
> pretty cool excpet for when you want to trade out the pedals because the
> bore on the pedals is the honkin big 1" thing that no one ever has done
> before or since...seems as though Shimano did their favorite little dance
> with this one. Yet we keep buying from them don't we? Well, anyway, now I
> was wondering if anyone knew of an adapter for this crankarm in which I
> could use to convert this morphadite into the standard "lets all live
> together happy and proud" 9/16 x 20 threads? I am not sure how somthing
> like this owuld even work or if there ever was one invented. I am sure
> that it would be a Shimano exclusive if there is. Thanks all and Happy
> Easter people


> Jim Abt

> Wausau, Wi. USA