Re: [CR] Humber frame with 4 barrelled fork - and Shimano 600 AX

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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 18:00:00 +0000
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Subject: Re: [CR] Humber frame with 4 barrelled fork - and Shimano 600 AX

It seems to me that the eBay 'Special Course' (160420791805) is just a re-painted standard 'sports-roadster'-type frame - 5.8kg. seems very heavy for a 'lightweight', unless the 'box' that it's in is a wooden crate? Those duplex things were only made under the Humber marque (presumably just for 'historic' marketing reasons) and Raleigh never fitted them to their own machines of the period, nor those of any of their other 'clones'. The original Humber duplex forks were introduced in about 1900, and they also made a big thing of their slightly earlier duplex (drive-side) chainstay, which they patented in 1896. Humber were not the first to introduce duplex forks, though, as George Singer and William Hillman were both making their patented Double Hollow Fork cycles (Penny Farthings, Highwheelers, Ordinaries...or what you will) many years before - the idea of these was apparently to provide a more rigid steerer, but my experience is exactly the opposite. Regarding another recent topic (Shimano 600 AX), some may care to know that Humber patented their own adjustable crank, which featured a pedal axle with eccentric flange, also in 1896 (patent no. 24,426 of that year, if anyone's interested). Tony Colegrave, Northiam, E.Sussex,U.K.

P.S. Sorry, little Kenny Denny, for another posting from the 'shallow limey' (I paraphrase), but you don't have to read this stuff - JUST CLICK 'DELETE', it's so simple! Regards, Tony.

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> On 07/04/10 08:01 AM, Anthony Taylor wrote:
> > These were standard Humber front forks. Humber was just one of the post war mass manufacturers. My memory of these is from the late '40s 'til the '50s.
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> > Tony Taylor
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> Humber bicycles were founded in 1868, were taken over by Raleigh in
> 1932, the original parent was the same as the car manufacturer. I
> think the distinctive Humber twin tube fork was maintained to
> differentiate the brands. I'm not sure of the time span of the twin
> tube fork or when the Humber name was retired by Raleigh.
> Marcus Coles
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