Re: [CR] High End Alternates to Campy circa 1970

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From: "Barb and Dan Artley" <>
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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 08:37:47 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR] High End Alternates to Campy circa 1970


Since the frame is listed in the 1950 catalog (not sure that's right for the derailleur version), you could really use anything earlier and still be period correct. And since the bike's a TT frame, how about going light. Not sure when it came out, but a Huret Jubilee would be really sweet derailleur for a time trial frame combined with one of those nice cut out alloy Simplex shifters that were included in the Mavic groupo. I'm thinking Stronglight Competition V-4 for the headset. They just hold up forever and are really smooth when the head tube's faced well.

Tough call on the brakes, there's no way to hook up a cable stop on the Jack Taylor seat tube clamp for centerpulls, and the brake drop for 700's is quite large. I think mine was built for 27" wheels. My third set of calipers were the winner for me. I found a NOS set of long reach sidepull Universals. They're not great stoppers, but the frame is a fixed gear. Weinmanns, not sure of a model number, but those can still be found in longer reach without too much difficulty.

I like the ttt handlebar/stem set I've got. I started out with a track bend, but ended up with the Tour de France bend, more like a Giro di Talia or 64 Cinelli bend, more comfortable for daily riding.

My thoughts are that its more important to get the 32 x 40 spoke combination with 17 ga. for the right look, and I think the 40 spoke rear makes sense since you're sitting almost on top of the wheel. I think you can get the Phils drilled however you like, but rims are hard to find and can make the build a royal PITA!

Have fun. These bikes ride just wonderfully, beautifully balanced with no hands at just a few miles per hour, light, a bit noodley, but just lovely handling. You rarely notice the short wheelbase.

Happy trails,

Dan Artley in Parkton, Maryland USA

Archive-URL: From: Sean Flores <seaneee175(AT)> Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 01:14:09 -0700 Subject: [CR] High End Alternates to Campy circa 1970

I'm embarking on a project, 70's JT Curved Tube, that I would like to build up period correct, high end components, while avoiding Campy/Cinelli. This isn't to say that I dislike the aforementioned, just after something different.

The current plan is to build it up with 1x5 or 1x6 drivetrain.

So far:

BB- OMAS Ti "big Sliding" or Phil Wood Cranks- TA Pro 5 Vis with Cyclocross double chainguard chainring Hubs- Phil Wood Three Piece Rims- Super Champion/Nisi/Ambrosio Saddle- Wrights Swallow Brakes: ?? Headset: Omas Big Sliding, Stronglight Competition or A9, ??? Seatpost: ?? Pedals: TA Stem and Bars: ??? 3ttt/Philippe/fiamme Freewheel: Suntour or Everest Shifter: Simplex Retrofriciton or the Gipiemme versions

Looking for a few suggestions for parts that rival or are equality in quality to Nuovo Record. Thanks in advance.

Sean Flores