Re: [CR] CR 88 (22): Viking Severn Valley

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From: "JB Froke" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:05:17 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] CR 88 (22): Viking Severn Valley

> Thank you Dale and Hugh for responding to my inquiry and lending your knowledge and ideas, and Hugh for offering your particular Viking authority. Regardless of my growing discontent with what I think or thought is or may have been a Severn Valley (I already bought the appropriate decals #$%^&), anymore insight and information (+/-) would be appreciated. Here are more of the requested data: lugs are Prugnat (possibly Type S), drop-outs are Zeus (not Campy as Viking once advertised), and there is no serial number underneath the BB shell; however, the number "0174" is stamped on both the fork stem and one of the rear drop-outs (L). (Are the matching stamps like having a "matching numbers" Corvette to dissuade the detectives of my running a cop-shop?).

J.B. Froke Pebble Beach, California
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> Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 19:04:28 +0000 (GMT)
> From: Hugh Thornton <>
> Subject: Re: [CR] Viking Severn Valley
> JB et al
> I am the Veteran-Cycle Club "Marque Enthusiast" for Viking and am looking to get any information and pictures of Vikings.? I have already accumulated quite a bit of stuff and am planning to create a Viking website to make it all readily available.? So please let me have copies of anything you have.
> With respect to this particular question, all the catalogs I have show the 1960s Severn Valleys as having Nervex Pro lugs, but in the 1950s other lugs were used some years.? A good start would be if you would tell me the frame number, photos would help too, but just a description of the head badge would be better than nothing.? I might then be able to piece together a bit more information about it.
> Hugh Thornton
> Cheshire, England
> From: JB Froke <>
> Subject: [CR] Viking Severn Valley
> Greetings all --? Quite some time ago (really the last time I participated in CR), I was cogitating which bike among several classics to restore or refurbish next, and I asked for your vote.? More than 20 replied (thank you!), and the winner was my 1960s Viking Severn Valley, and I said that I would abide.? Now, however delayed, I am back to it, and have a fundamental problem, or question to ask of you:
> All of the research I have done on the bike, for specs and the like, tell that the SV came in Nervex lugs and apparently exclusively.? But my frame, which came to me sans decals but con headbadge (which was used on other models) is not held together by Nervex, Professional or otherwise. Q: Do you know whether Viking made this model with other than Nervex luggery?? Or am I whistling up the wrong headtube?
> Thank you,
> J.B. Froke
> Pebble Beach, California