[CR] BVVW: Dinner Plans This Wednesday?

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Subject: [CR] BVVW: Dinner Plans This Wednesday?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the BVVW!

The BVVW group (a tangent of Gruppo Sportivo Pergolizzi) is comprised of a rag-tag gang of hardcore certified velo-freaks, who hangout (drink beer), talk bike stuff (eat Pizza) and ride together (drink coffee) every now and again. 

I just got late word that our own Brett Horton (BVVW, Bay Area Chapter) will be in our fair city this week.  We will be gathering for a quick bite...Brooklyn Style!  If you are free for dinner, please come join us!

WHEN: This Wednesday, April 21, at 6:30PM

WHERE: Fabulous and scenic Bushwick, Brooklyn!

WHAT:  Brett will making the trek out to the BVVW's Brooklyn Headquarters (A.K.A. "Cicli DeVotion")...My little bicycle workshop.  After a beer and some b.s.'n at my place, we'll go down the street for some AMAZING wood-fired pizzas and other tasty delights. (www.robertaspizza.com)

HOW:  My shop (and the restaurant) is located near the Morgan Ave stop on the L train...just 15-20 minutes from Union Square.  Near the intersection on Morgan and Flushing Aves.  Detailed directions by car and train below.    Address here:

114 Forrest Street 4th floor Brooklyn, NY 11206

**CALL ME WHEN DOWNSTAIRS: (347)414-0067**

NOTE:  You are more than welcome to leave bikes in my secured shop while we go to the restaurant to eat.  It's a 2 block jaunt, so it'd be no problem to return to my shop after dinner to grab 'em.



Take the L train to the Morgan Avenue stop and exit. About 2/3 of the way to the rear of the platform/train is an exit to Bogart Street. Take this Bogart Street exit. Once you exit to street level, take a right onto Bogart Street. Walk up Bogart, passing a natural food store and café on your right. Go approximately 4 blocks, until Bogart ends at Flushing Avenue. Just across Flushing, you will see an old brick garage with a triangular yard and black garage doors.  Cross Flushing (carefully!) toward this garage. Behind this corner garage is Forrest Street.  The largest building on Forrest, a beige/yellow brick industrial building, looms just beyond the corner garage. This is 114 Forrest Street.


Take the Williamsburg Bridge, outer roadway. Get off at the second exit (South 5th Street). The off ramp will lead you directly onto South 5th Street, which you will follow for approx 5 minutes. Cross over Union Avenue, bearing slightly left onto Montrose Avenue. Take Montrose Avenue to Bushwick Avenue. Turn right onto Bushwick Avenue. Take Bushwick Avenue to Flushing Avenue. Turn left onto Flushing Avenue. Go two blocks to Central Avenue and turn right onto Central. Go one block and take your first left onto Forrest Street. Pass the Police station. At the end of the block, on your right side is a beige/yellow brick industrial building. This is 114 Forrest Street

The front doors are painted red, with a large \u201c114\u201d on them.  There is a row of large black dumpsters to the right of the loading dock .  They have tons of stenciled silver sneakers all over \u2018em\u2026

Hope to see some of your smilin ' faces on Wednesday!  Please let me know if you think you might be able to join us.

Matthew Bowne
Brooklyn, New York
L'Assistente al Despota Onnipotente
(347) 414-0067