Re: [CR] Warning to eBay sellers, newbie buyer with neg-feedback trigger-finger

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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 21:40:21 -0400
From: "Kurt Kaminer" <>
To: Ron Huff <>,
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Subject: Re: [CR] Warning to eBay sellers, newbie buyer with neg-feedback trigger-finger

Hello Ron,

That's the third NOS Duopar I've found locally. I don't think they have any more, but I'll sure check for you.

That said, I've had enough of eBay's fees to be treated this way as a seller (no way to plead my case to eBay), so you can be 100% rest assured that anything else I decide to sell will not go to the scum of eBay, but the good people of CR. Should have thought of that in the first place. No more eBay for me.

Incidentally, if I find another one of those Duopars - or even a Jubilee - I'll trade it straight up for a gold Simplex SLJA 103 front derailer. I need one for my Peugeot PY-10.

All the best,

-Kurt Miami Florida, USA

Ron Huff wrote:
> Hey Kurt:
> Sorry about your bad ebay experiences - all kinds of THOSE PEOPLE out there! You know the bummer for me on that one? I was wanting that derailleur BAD and, in all my wisdom of hoping to bid late, I missed the auction! If you run across another, PLEASE let me know.
> Chin up - the rest of your feedback tells the story!
> Ron
> Mountains of NC
> --- On Thu, 4/22/10, Kurt Kaminer <> wrote:
>> From: Kurt Kaminer <>
>> Subject: [CR] Warning to eBay sellers, newbie buyer with neg-feedback trigger-finger
>> To:
>> Date: Thursday, April 22, 2010, 9:28 PM
>> Hello fellows,
>> Just thought I'd let those of you (unfortunate enough to)
>> sell on eBay know about the following:
>> Recently, new eBay member melbay*2010 purchased a
>> Sachs-Huret Eco-Duopar rear derailer. Without warning, I
>> find negative feedback posted to my account. He claims I did
>> not send the nut for the top pivot bolt; the auction photo
>> clearly points out that it didn't have one. Prior to the
>> auction, I had also informed him that it didn't have the
>> nut, and far as I knew, it didn't need one for mounting to
>> Campag/Shimano dropouts, of which the washer was designed
>> for such mounting.
>> Nevertheless, I apologized, offered to refund his money,
>> PLUS pay for the return shipping in exchange for removal of
>> feedback. He refused to hear it, and demanded that I send
>> the nut or get lost forever.
>> I leave it to your own decision - I'm not trying to tell
>> you not to sell to him; just want to inform.
>> Take care,
>> Kurt Kaminer
>> Miami, Florida USA